your thoughts on society ?

Save the children.

Gahhhh luv u sm indigo❤️💯

I luv you back 💯💯💯💯

thoughts on the state of gaza and whats happening to it?

I wish the world would open there eyes. We are In a state of emergency. It’s heart wrenching. I wish I had the power to fix it all. What scares me the most is that the United States may be next and we aren’t built for this. We are weak and brainwashed.

What are you mixed with? Srry if you get this a lot. You're so beautiful! 🌻

Filipino and West Indian

Your thoughts on karrueche and her style?

Simple and cute it fits her. And that’s bae.

What are your daily workouts ? Do you have any tips on abdominal workouts and booty workouts ? Lol

No lol I used to go to the gym but not anymore. I just watch what I eat. I walk a lot too.

Sooo I have this huge crush on you...

Lol oh word

Where did you get that BAPE shirt from? It's so beautiful

Bape store. Thank you