ur thoughts on nicki minaj?

I used to fuck with nickiiiii soooooo hard when she came out. I mean I fuck with her still. I just don’t appreciate ppl using plastic surgery to fix insecurities. There’s a lot of things I hate about myself but I’d never get plastic surgery. I feel like it should solely b used for emergency nd deformity purposes. But nevertheless shes talented af.

Why don't you like rihanna? one love baby

Lol I can’t dislike someone I don’t know. But I feel she sells too much of herself. I feel she’s an attention whore and does a lot for reactions. But I don’t know her so my opinion means nada mama

I missed you.Your blog presence.

Thanks boo

You're pretty 😊

Thank you :)

what do you do to fight your insecurities ?

Ehhh nothing really. They bother me 24/7 I try to just embrace the fact that im human and healthy.

I absolutely love your blog and Instagram! You're always positive and I love it girlie lol wish you the best with styling, pretty 💚

Thanks love ♥♥♥